Bulk whatsapp Marketing

Creating campaigns for the e-commerce business is one of the most preferred ways to increase visitors and to turn them into clients. Huge sales come from the best campaigns, and best campaigns come from the creative heads. Our experts are trained in delivering trendy designs and attractive color combinations that guarantee sure sales and responsible clients.

We offer bulk marketing services in

  • SMS Bulk Marketing
  • Email Bulk Marketing
  • Whatsapp Bulk Marketing

Large quantities of emails and marketing messages are now made easier through our services.

  • Bulk Marketing provides
  • Higher delivery rates
  • Maximum efforts with minimal Efforts
  • Effective marketing campaigns
  • Most cost-effective marketing platforms

The automatic system of sending business campaigns requires detailed information about the business and the products that are to be sold which is taken care of by our experts. The most cost-effective way of bulk marketing is email marketing. Many MNCs prefer email marketing over other bulk marketing services. The sales and reputation of the company both are held responsible for the image of the company.

Bulk Email Marketing Services
Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

Our bulk marketing software provides pocket-friendly prices and great returns. We make no compromise in providing quality content to our clients which definitely fetch them more customers and sales.

There are various advantages of Email marketing over other bulk marketing options available. An Email increases efficiency, productivity and business readiness. Using email in business marketing is cheap and fast. It costs equal amount of money regardless of the distance to which the email is being sent and reaches to the recipients in no time.  If the digital strategy is effective, there are more chances of turning prospects into customers and one time customers into permanent buyers.  Our experts build the email list of targeted customers; optimize email for the CTR, choose engaging headline and content of email, and a few more tasks are covered.

Marketing services provided by Goal 501 also include SMS bulk marketing. We benefit our customers with SMS marketing software which has several advantages which list of- higher open rate than Emails, totally cost effective, mobile-friendly, reaches a wide demography, works with other types of marketing, fast delivery, and strengthens customer engagement.

Messages, one of the convenient ways, are the preferred medium by customers to talk to businesses. Most number of people chooses messages as the way to keep them informed about business communication. SMS marketing is a great option for businesses to connect to its customers and also explore new target audience. Customizing SMS is far easier than creating email campaigns. SMS campaigns do not require images or proper longer texts like emails. As much as only 160 words are required to create a text message. Mentioning the business details along with a little idea of product is the only necessity of SMS marketing service. The precise messages have more chances of getting noticed as compared to lengthy messages and thus we advise our clients to use minimal words but with great meaning that create impact on the customer in limited amount of words.

The design of images on an email and the quality of words in a text message are the two important aspects in bulk marketing. We offer our clients these two basic but much needed requirements through our experts who have proven results of guaranteed increase in sales after using our bulk marketing services.